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Why Is a Medical Exam Required?

In accordance with United States Law, a medical examination is required for immigration. This test must be performed by approved doctors known as "civil surgeons."At our clinic we have licensed physicians who will also fill out Form I-693 with the test results.

This medical examination is necessary to obtain the Permanent Residence or Naturalization card.

Examenes de inmigracion para obtener la ciudadania, le ofrecemos las vacunas requeridas por USCIS y el laboratorio medico.

What Does the Medical Exam Include?

At our clinic located in Huntington Park we provide the following medical examination services:

Tuberculosis Test
(Blood Test)
Syphilis and Gonorrhea Test
Form I-693
Somos los mejores medicos de inmigracion near me y le ayudamos a llenar la forma I693.

What Are Forms I-693?

Form I-693 is a document required by USCIS to verify a medical and immunization record.With this file, the authority will be able to verify your medical information and vaccination record for migration.If you are applying for adjustment of status to become a permanent resident, you must use this form to show that you meet the United States public health requirements.

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